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Sinister Racing Engines Tech Pack

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Popular tech items to enhance your daily routine!

Keep your technology squeaky clean with the microfiber cloth! The soft 230 gsm cloth is ideal for cleaning or removing smudges and fingerprints without the use of chemicals. It's perfect for your mobile devices, eyeglasses, sunglasses, cameras, computer screens and other delicate surfaces without leaving any scratches. 

The PopGrip - Swappable (PopSocket) makes it easy to remove the PopTop from the base to charge your phone wirelessly. Like a classic PopGrip, the PopGrip - Swappable sticks flat to the back of your phone with a repositionable gel. Once extended it becomes a media stand and grip. Making it easier to text with one hand, snap photos, and watch videos hands-free. *For best results, use in conjunction with a phone case*. The PopGrip's gel is designed to stick to most materials, but it may have issues sticking to silicone, waterproof cases and textured materials, like leather.

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